WiZ’s smart lights can now be motion sensors

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SpaceSense will turn WiZ bulbs into motion detectors. | Image: mean

The motion-triggered smart lighting is quite magical. Figuring out how to put little white motion sensors all over your house to make it work isn’t. With its new SpaceSense feature, Signify may have found the perfect solution: let the bulbs do the work.

SpaceSense is a software feature coming to Signify WiZ’s Wi-Fi smart lighting line later this month. It uses Wi-Fi sensing technology that detects changes in Wi-Fi signal strength caused by motion to turn lights on when someone enters a room and off when motion stops. Wi-Fi detection is already used in some routers and security systems, and it was only a matter of time before a lighting company figured out how to apply it to their technology.

With WiZ, the sensing technology is integrated directly into the bulb; you only need two or more WiZ bulbs in a room to get started. Wiz offers a wide range of Wi-Fi powered smart bulbs starting at $11, so the barrier to entry is low. The company also recently launched several new products, including a floor lamp and portable lamp, as well as new color-changing outdoor string lights that will arrive next month.

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Image: mean
WiZ offers a wide range of smart bulbs and fixtures that work over Wi-Fi and don’t require a hub. You need two in a room to use SpaceSense.

All WiZ products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT and SmartThings, and the company has promised to support the new Matter smart home standard.

SpaceSense will be configured and controlled using the new WiZ V2 app, which will be launched this month. The app also allows a user to adjust motion detection sensitivity and set a delay to keep the lights on for a set period of time, even if no motion is detected.

The technology is optional and does not detect or record a person’s exact location or recognize faces. WiZ says all sensing data is processed locally on the bulb.

According to WiZ, SpaceSense will work on most WiZ-branded products released since September 2021. It is working on compatibility with older models. These brands include WiZ lamps, Philips Smart LED lamps and any brand bearing the Connected by WiZ logo. It won’t work with Philips Hue lighting products from Signify because Hue uses Zigbee, not Wi-Fi.

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