Vampire Survivors’ new higher price is still worth biting

Vampire Survivors video game
vampire survivors increases its price slightly before exiting Early Access. | Image: Pumice

When it was announced that vampire survivors – a darling of the indie community – raises its price on September 21 ahead of its V1.0 release, some people may have been expecting the worst. Fortunately, its developer, Poncle Studio, has now announced that the game’s list price on Steam will increase by a measly $2, bringing it to $4.99 as of 6 PM ET.

That means there’s still time to grab the game for $2.99, the price it’s been since entering Early Access in December 2021. Studio Poncle says the decision to raise prices ahead of the full release of the game was to “keep the option open to possibly enter some of the usual seasonal sales. The game is also available on PC Game Pass, with no mention of plans to remove it from the platform upon leaving Early Access.

For those who don’t know vampire survivors, it’s a bullet hell style rogue-lite with a pixel art style where you have to survive an onslaught of gothic enemies with a variety of unique characters to unlock. The game currently has nearly 120,000 reviews on Steam, with 98% of players rating it as “extremely positive”. It was also the most played game on Valve’s portable Steam Deck in August, beating out AAA titles like Ring of Elden. The edgeJay Peters and Antonio G. Di Benedetto of have already spent around 100 combined hours in-game and note that those numbers are pretty low compared to what some individual players can achieve.

It also looks like we might get additional lore and upgrades for that $2 boost, because Stephanie Sterlinga renowned freelance game journalist and YouTuber, has announced that he will be writing content for the game. There is very little story or lore in the game right now, but as far as get your money’s worth, vampire survivors is already a must buy.

Still, if you wanted to hang in there until you know what the game will be like outside of Early Access before you hit your wallet, you won’t have long to wait. Studio Poncle announces the release date of vampire survivors 1.0 will be announced on September 29 with a preview of all the “additional surprises and goodies that await fans in the final version of the game.”

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