Twitch to ban streams and other unlicensed gaming content

Artwork by Alex Castro/MovieBeat

As the conversation regarding Twitch and the platform’s game stream allocation continues to swirl, the platform has struck its first blow. In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Twitch said that it will ban “Streaming gambling sites that include slots, roulette or dice games” in a policy update effective October 18.

Critically, Twitch does not ban everything gambling, or even all forms of continuous gambling mentioned above. There will be an exclusion allowing sports betting, fantasy sports and poker, while the streaming of slots, roulette and dice is only prohibited if the websites being streamed are not “licensed in the States United States or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection”.

Gambling sites that will be swept away by the ban include, which is one of the most popular slot gaming sites streamed on Twitch. Major streamers like xQc and Trainwreckstv frequently feature it on their streams.

Gaming on Twitch has become a hot topic as wealthy streamers apparently promote their services, apparently to minors, and potentially fuel gambling addictions. Earlier this week, ItsSliker came forward admitting he had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from other streamers to support his sports betting habit.

From this event, high-profile streamers like DevinNash, Pokimane, and Mizkif, who is currently involved in a separate but tangentially related incident, proposed or supported a potential boycott of Twitch if the platform has not prohibited gambling on the site. Now this action may no longer be necessary. However, sports betting, the form of gambling that started this recent conversation, will be spared when the ban comes into force.

In its tweet, Twitch said it would share more about its gaming policies ahead of their implementation on October 18.

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