Twitch streamers say one of their own scammed them for in-game money

Screenshot from Sliker's stream showing a fair-skinned Middle Eastern man with a bald head and full beard wearing thick headphones tearfully confessing to his gambling addiction
Image: Sliker/Twitch

Several prominent Twitch streamers, including HasanAbi, are calling fellow streamer ItsSliker after he allegedly scammed them with money to fuel what he describes as a gaming addiction. took to Twitch and Twitter, sharing voicemails, videos and DMs in which the UK-based streamer asked them for money. He used well-known financial scam strategies, claiming his bank account had been frozen and he needed the funds to pay his bills and stay afloat until his bank released the funds. Sympathetic streamers then sent him large sums of money in hopes that it would be refunded, but it would take months, if not years, for the money to be refunded, if at all.

“Ask for help,” wrote Lacari, a Texas-based streamer who shared screenshots of 2021 Discord messages between himself and Sliker in which he demanded $1,000. Lacari sent the money and then, a year later, asked Slicker to pay it back. Sliker appeared to refund the money, but Lacari messaged Sliker later, saying the payment was never made. Under Lacari’s tweet, several other streamers shared similar experiences of Sliker begging, receiving, then failing to refund money, with some instances of Sliker sending and then reversing the refund.

Many of Sliker’s victims have come forward on Twitch, such as streamer lukeafkfan admitting he lost $27,000 and Trainwreckstv saying he gave Sliker around $45,000. xQc pointed out that he was also hit for money but did not lend him any.

A tearful Sliker took to Twitch on September 17, admitting that he “borrowed” money from streamers.

“I lied to a lot of people,” he said.

According to Sliker, his addiction started with CS: GO bets on the skin. “Eventually I discovered that you could play with money,” he explained. From there, he used the money he earned from streaming to support his sports betting habits, but that income wasn’t enough. He started asking for money, lying about why he needed the funds while saying he had every intention of paying people back.

HasanAbi, the popular political and variety streamer, got involved by arranging a call between himself, Sliker, and another content creator called Mizkif, in which he attempted to seek restitution for scammed streamers.

Sliker seemed reluctant when asked if he would seek therapy, and Mizkif said he and other top-earning streamers, including xQc and Ludwig, would use their wealth to repay Sliker’s victims.

Although Sliker’s particular flavor of addiction is sports betting, the incident sparked a conversation about gambling on Twitch’s platform. Currently, slot game streams are allowed on Twitch, with creators, like the aforementioned xQc, making headlines for the prolific amounts of money they spend and lose streaming. After the Sliker news broke, high-profile streamers including Pokimane discussed a streaming boycott of Twitch to get the platform to ban gambling on the site.

Ironically, this sentiment has sparked its own controversy. Marginalized content creators were quick to point out that some of those same streamers talk about the damage caused by gambling streams to the site and the community remained silent when asked for their support in boycotting Twitch in the face of prolific and violent hate raids last year.

The edge contacted Twitch and Sliker for comment. Currently, Sliker remains unbanned on the platform.

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