The Turtle Beach cloud controller is wired for your Xbox, wireless for your phone and PC

The blue Turtle Beach Recon Cloud controller with a smartphone attached via its included cell phone clip.  The controller and phone are in the hands of a seated person, who uses the setup to play a streaming game on Xbox Game Pass.
Turtle Beach includes a cell phone clip with the Recon Cloud controller and claims its battery lasts up to 30 hours on Bluetooth. | Image: Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach has a new Xbox controller coming out next month, and it adds wireless functionality – but not in the way you might expect. The Recon Cloud is a new version of the Turtle Beach Recon USB-C wired controller, and in addition to a new “magma blue” colorway, it features Bluetooth connectivity for use with Android devices and Windows PCs.

The unusual thing – especially for a controller that costs $99.99 – is that linking it to an Xbox console still requires plugging in a USB-C cable. It’s slated to ship on October 16, and pre-orders can already be placed on the Turtle Beach site. That’s a much higher cost than the standard $59.95 Recon, which often drops to around $45 when it’s on sale.

The Recon Cloud has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 30 hours of play time via Bluetooth, which is capable of rapid charging to recover approximately 8.5 hours of battery in approximately 15 minutes. It also includes a month’s worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and an adjustable cell phone clip – which attaches to a mounting port on the back of the controller.

Image: Turtle Beach
The Recon Cloud and its included cell phone clip, which fits into the back of the controller.

The Recon Cloud also carries over all the audio and FPS features of the standard Recon, like Superhuman Hearing mode, four built-in audio EQ presets, mic monitoring, adjustable game chat audio mixing, Pro-Aim Focus mode, and two programmable. back buttons. Those fancy audio features require you to connect to USB-C on an Xbox or PC, which is perhaps forgivable because game streaming isn’t exactly ideal for online shooters where they are the most anyway. more useful.

The standard Recon controller is ranked in our Xbox controller buying guide as a great option for anyone who plays a lot of competitive shooters and doesn’t have the budget for something premium, like Xbox Elite controllers or scuf. I’m not sure spending $100 on nearly the same Recon controller with Bluetooth added makes that much sense, but maybe once tested the versatility of some wireless connectivity can come in handy.

However, the Recon Cloud makes no mention of connectivity with iPhones or iPads, which is odd since these Apple devices generally work well with wireless controller support. Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark teases in the company’s press release that there’s more to come: “The Recon Cloud is the first in our expanded line of mobile controllers launching this year, with additional new products designed for iOS and other consoles to come. .” Maybe iOS users will have to wait for their own cloud controller, and maybe Turtle Beach’s controller audio tricks could find a new home on the PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

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