The dynamic island is already available on Android devices

A screenshot of the DynamicSpot in action on a Samsung phone
The DynamicSpot app gives Android users their own private island.

I’ve always been part of the Android team, but every now and then Apple rolls out a feature that makes me a little jealous. Luckily, with the introduction of the divisive island dynamic, I didn’t have to wait very long for someone to insert this sweet pill-shaped void into the Android OS. The DynamicSpot app, developed by user Jawomo, is currently available for early access download on the Google Play Store.

You can currently check out the app for free, and it lets you adjust the position and size of the island based on where the notch is on your particular Android device. However, adding some of the more advanced features, like displaying the island on your lock screen or tapping icons to open apps, requires an additional $4.99 purchase.

An extended screenshot of the DynamicSpot app showing media playback features
The DynamicSpot doesn’t have all the same features as Apple’s version, but it’s a start.

Just be aware that, like any app in early access, not everything will always work as expected. And since it’s not a native feature of the Android OS, a small amount of tweaking is required to get things working seamlessly.

A screenshot of the customization options offered by the DynamicSpot app
Image: Jawomo
The DynamicSpot app lets you adjust its size and location based on where the notch is on your phone.

Right now, the DynamicSpot app looks mostly like an aesthetic addition, lacking much of the advanced functionality and polish of Apple’s version of the island. However, the paid version of DynamicSpot includes options to change how taps and presses interact with your notifications, a feature missing from Apple’s Island that was mentioned in our September 16 episode of MovieBeatcast. DynamicSpot definitely looks like a work in progress, but still impressive for a standalone app and is a neat way to change the way your notifications are delivered on your Android device.

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