T-Mobile adds United domestic flights to its free in-flight Wi-Fi list

An illustration of T-Mobile's magenta
T-Mobile continues to add benefits to its Magenta and Magenta Max plans. | Artwork by Alex Castro/MovieBeat

T-Mobile is expanding its Free Inflight Wi-Fi promotion by adding United Airlines domestic flights to the offer. Subscribers to T-Mobile’s Magenta Max and Magenta postpaid plans have previously had access to a similar offer on Alaska Airlines and Delta flights, but now United is also in on the action.

It’s part of T-Mobile’s ongoing efforts to add more incentives to its premium plans, like free Apple TV Plus, the prospect of future SpaceX Starlink connectivity, and 5GB of high-speed data when traveling. abroad. The latter is part of T-Mobile’s “Coverage Beyond” campaign, of which this in-flight Wi-Fi program is a component. T-Mobile wants to capitalize on increased travel now that the pandemic is ‘over’ and more destinations are opening up, because the more benefits there are, the less likely people are to switch carriers .

One thing to keep in mind – if you’re on the T-Mobile Magenta plan – is that your access to free in-flight Wi-Fi is limited to four flights per year. Magenta Max users, on the other hand, enjoy unlimited flights. And, of course, while T-Mobile says you can “stream the entire flight if available,” airplane Wi-Fi still kinda sucks when it comes to fast speeds that don’t require a powerup. occasional buffering or reliance on low resolution streams.

If you’re like me and haven’t flown in a while – far too long unfortunately – then this is definitely a nice bonus to help you get back to sitting very close to lots of strangers in a big metal tube a bit more bearable. In-flight Wi-Fi might not be as fast as we’d like, but it’s certainly nice to have more options to keep you entertained when you can’t find anything to watch on that crappy little screen unless one foot from your face. While I welcome good extra perks like everyone else, I can’t help but wonder every time T-Mobile makes an announcement like this if it should have “flexibilized its post-merger scale” to keep people’s jobs instead.

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