Pikmin 4 is coming in 2023

In a screenshot from Pikmin, a Bulborb hovers over a Pikmin protagonist with red, blue, and yellow Pikmin creatures behind them.
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed that a new entry in the pikmine series, pikmin 4, will be released in 2023.

In a brief trailer, Nintendo showed off a lush environment of a kind that should be familiar to pikmine fans – it looks like you’ll always be playing as a smaller character controlling even smaller Pikmin. (At one point, a bench looms above the camera. It’s relatively giant.)

Although the trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay – just some running Bulborbs – Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto did discuss some elements of the game that we can look forward to. You’ll be able to play “from the perspective of the Pikmin close to the ground,” he said. And Nintendo has simplified game control to make it easier to focus on core gameplay. “We call it dandori in Japanese, or Pikmin strategic planning, deployment and command,” Miyamoto said.

pikmine fans have been waiting for this sequel for a long time. pikmine 3 was first released in 2013, which means we’ll have been waiting a decade between releases by the time Pikmin 4 spell. But in the meantime, you can play Niantic and Nintendo Pikmin Flower Augmented reality game.

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