Nothing boasts of Phone 1’s six-digit sales in its first month on sale in India

The phone of nothing 1.
The phone nothing 1. | Photo by Allison Johnson/The Edge

It’s only been on sale for less than two months, but Nothing has already revealed the first Phone 1 sales figures in India, where it was released on July 21.

Talk with GSM Arena, Nothing’s Vice President and General Manager for India, Manu Sharma, said the company had sold more than 100,000 Phone 1s in 20 days of sales in the country through retailer Flipkart (its exclusive business partner), and that over 10 million users had signed up to be notified when the phone went on sale. Sharma says the phone was the top-selling handset on Flipkart in the price category over ₹30,000 (around $378).

Not bad for a first effort, but those numbers pale in comparison to the broader Indian smartphone market, where IDC analysts report around 35 million devices were shipped between April and June (Q2) this year. which corresponds to an average of approximately 11.7 million per month. Although IDC has yet to release comparable numbers for July and August, last year it reported that 48 million phones were sold in the third quarter of 2021, an average of 16 million per month. Either way, this suggests that Nothing’s market share in India is less than one percent.

However, compared to the previous indie startup that attempted to enter the smartphone market, Nothing’s numbers compare more favorably. Android Authority points out that Francisco Jeronimo, analyst at IDC previously estimated that smartphone startup Essential only shipped 88,000 units of the Essential Phone in 2017 (released in August). Essential disputed this and said sales were “well in the six figures” that year. Either way, those numbers suggest that nothing is anywhere close to comfortably outperforming the initial version of Essential.

Another comparison: Jeronimo previously noted that OnePlus sold nearly a million units of its first smartphone in its first six months on sale in 2014. Again, with the backing of Chinese smartphone giant BBK, OnePlus was not a startup in the same way as Nothing or Essential. OnePlus also made its first smartphone available in North America, a market Nothing skipped with the Phone 1.

It’s too early to tell if the Phone 1 was a commercial success or not. I guess the only real test will be whether Nothing is still around half a decade from now. A company spokesperson did not respond to questions about its sales figures in other markets such as Europe.

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