Lil Nas X performs at the League of Legends World Championship

A photo of Lil Nas X in an all-black outfit, sitting at a table in a room filled with gold accents.
Lil Nas X | Image: Riot Games

The opening ceremonies of the League of Legends The World Championships are traditionally a big show, featuring everything from augmented reality K-pop bands to rap holograms. But this year’s edition will have an additional special guest: Lil Nas X.

Today, Riot announced a collaboration with Lil Nas X, which is highlighted with a performance at Worlds at the Chase Center in San Francisco on November 5. While there are no details on what to expect from the show, Lil Nas X confirmed in a statement that it will be “the biggest, coolest, sexiest world ever.” history of all the worlds”. So it looks like you want to log in.

Before that, on September 23, the artist will release the annual world anthem with a song called “Star Walkin”, and from November 3 to 14, League players can get an in-game skin for hero K’Sante, which was co-designed by Lil Nas X and can only be unlocked through play League during the event window.

This isn’t the first time Lil Nas X has teamed up with a major video game, with a previous virtual concert appearance inside Roblox. It was part of a wave of virtual concerts, including Ariana Grande in Fortnite and Blackpink in PUBG-Mobile. Riot, meanwhile, is no stranger to musical collaborations, having recently worked on a new song and music video with Porter Robinson.

As for Worlds, arguably the biggest esports competition in the world, this year’s edition kicks off on September 29 in Mexico City, with subsequent rounds in New York and Atlanta, culminating with the final in San Francisco on November 5. (Toronto was originally a host city, but was later replaced by Atlanta.) Upstream, Riot previously announced that the iconic Summoner’s Cup – the League of Legends World Championship Trophy – has been redesigned by Tiffany & Co.

You can view the full program and details here.

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