In the new Strange World trailer, the sci-fi adventure is a family affair

The main cast of Disney's sci-fi adventure film Strange World.
Picture: Disney

Disney’s first trailer strange world introduced us to its pulpy sci-fi adventure style – and now we have a better look at the family that will actually explore.

The film’s latest clip reveals three generations of explorers led by a reluctant researcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal), who lives in the shadow of his famous father (Dennis Quaid) while traveling with his adventure-obsessed teenage son (Jaboukie Young-White). Gabrielle Union as the ace pilot and Lucy Liu as the presidential personality are also part of the game.

Equally important, the trailer takes a closer look at some of the movie’s weird sci-fi elements, including flying schools of jellyfish-like creatures, bright pink dinosaurs, and a blob with tentacles that looks like something out of this world. ‘snatch. Ring of Elden. Also, there’s an extremely cute wad of blue dough named Splat.

strange world is Disney’s next big theatrical release from its animation studio, and it hits theaters on November 23rd.

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