How to Use iPhone Safety Check and Emergency SOS Features

Although there is – rightly – a great deal of writing and broadcasting on how to deal with attacks and privacy breaches online and via social media, increasing attention is now being given to helping people to stay safe at home and in the world. Two features offered through Apple’s iPhones – one of which was just introduced in iOS 16 – can help people who might need to separate themselves from dangerous people or situations: Safety Check and Emergency SOS.

One of the biggest new features in iOS 16 is Safety Check, which is specifically for people who find themselves in a difficult or abusive situation at home.

It is very common for friends and partners to share various apps and features like photos, calendars, and locations among others. Unfortunately, these useful tools can be abused if the wrong person accesses them or if a couple breaks up. Safety Check will allow you to cut all or part of your connections so that you are no longer traceable. According to Apple, the data that will no longer be shared includes information such as location information, your personal data, your photo albums, etc.

Note that on each Safety Check page, a Quick exit in the top right corner will immediately take you back to your homepage (in case you think someone is watching while you are using the feature).

Emergency SOS allows you to make an emergency call either by pressing the side button and one of the volume buttons, or by pressing the side button five times.

You can also select an emergency contact to be alerted if Emergency SOS is activated.

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