Here is the high-end virtual reality headset Meta Quest Pro

Images and later a video of a “Meta Quest Pro” virtual reality (VR) headset have surfaced online, posted to Facebook by Ramiro Cardenas, who claims the device was left in a bedroom. hotel (Thanks, Peter! via Reddit). The featured device resembles the Project Cambria headset that Meta has been teasing publicly since late last year, and resembles the one spotted in leaked setup videos.

The video shows Cardenas removing the device from its packaging, revealing a black headset and controller with what looks like an updated design. While the headset has three cameras on the front, the controllers feature a design that ditches the hollowed-out loop design that houses the sensors for something sturdier.

The packaging has the “Meta Quest Pro” label stamped in the upper left corner and a graphic showing the VR headset and controllers. Cardenas also provided a close-up of the label stuck to the box, which reads “Not for resale – engineering sample”, and said The edge that the person who stayed in the room has since claimed the helmets.

The images and video surfaced exactly one month before Meta’s Connect event on Oct. 11, which matches the timeline CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed for when the company will unveil its next VR headset. We expect to hear all about Project Cambria/the “Quest Pro” and its other plans for the Metaverse, AR, and VR.

Cardenas originally shared the images in the comments section of a post on the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group and said multiple devices were left behind. It’s a remarkable story, but not unprecedented (hands-on), including the iPhone 4 prototype left in a bar in 2010 as the most famous occurrence, while more recently the as-yet-unreleased Pixel 7 was sold. on eBay, and a prototype Pixel Watch was also reportedly lost in a restaurant.

A sticker on the purported box of Meta Quest Pro indicates that it is an engineering sample.

The sticker on the box indicates that it could be an “engineering sample”.
Image: Ramiro Cardenas via Facebook

In July, Bloomberg Reported developer Steve Moser found references to “Oculus Pro” in Meta’s code, so it’s possible that’s the name Meta chose for the upcoming device. Meta did not immediately respond to The edgerequest for comment.

Updated September 11, 10:18 p.m. ET: Updated to add images of the video.

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