Here are the first non-NFT “digital collectibles” for PlayStation Stars

Image of a digital statue of two cats, holding a birthday cake together.
Image: Sony

During its State of Play even on Tuesday, Sony gave us a look at some of the first “digital collectibles” that will be available as rewards from its PlayStation Stars loyalty program. The items – which Sony insists are not NFTs or blockchain-based – are essentially small virtual statues of devices like the PlayStation 3 and the PocketStation PDA/handheld gaming device, as well as game characters like Ape Escape 2 and Sony mascots like Polygon Man.

When Sony announced the PlayStation Stars program earlier this summer, it said members will be able to earn points alongside digital collectibles. It’s not yet known exactly what the points will do, but the company has hinted that you may be able to purchase certain PlayStation Store products or even wallet funds that could be used towards a game purchase. To get points and collectibles, PlayStation Stars will have you take part in campaigns, which will involve things like entering tournaments or even just playing a game once a month. Another campaign mentioned on the PlayStation site mentions winning one by being the first person to land a particular platinum trophy in your time zone.

According to a Tuesday blog post, one of the first campaigns will be called “Hit Play/1994,” which will feature “games that match clues based on songs.” That’s about all Sony has said about the event at this point, noting that more details will come later and participation will net you digital collectibles.

Sony says the program will launch in “parts of Asia” at the end of September before coming to the United States and Europe in “the following weeks”. The program won’t be available on actual PlayStations initially – it’s rolling out through the PlayStation app for Android and iOS.

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