Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla emails are for his eyes only

Elon Musk smiles in a photo-illustration, raising his arms triumphantly above his head as no one can read his emails without his permission
It’s good to be Technoking. | Kristen Radtke/MovieBeat; Getty Images

At SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk has “unrestricted” use of his email accounts for personal business, and “no one” at Tesla can access his emails without his express consent, except “to the extent that the law requires it”. At SpaceX, absolutely no one can access Musk’s emails without his permission. That’s not true for other SpaceX and Tesla employees, where company policies make it clear that the base has no expectation of privacy. It’s good to be Technoking, I guess.

It happened because Twitter, which is suing Musk for dropping its outlandish takeover bid for the company, tried to coerce Musk into handing over his emails. But Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, the judge handling the case, ruled that because of Musk’s special privileges, his emails would remain private. They are covered by solicitor-client privilege, she said.

She writes:

A cynic might doubt that Musk-specific policies exist at SpaceX and Tesla. Defendants’ factual arguments to this effect are based solely on the affidavits of Musk, who has much at stake in this litigation, and three of his direct reports, and none of the affidavits are supported by corporate documents reflecting rules. specific to Musk. However, for this jurist, the evidence rings true.

Yeah, that rings true for that cynic too. Musk has long known he’s a special boy who doesn’t have to follow the rules. In this case, that could mean he’s relying on three direct reports to lie – but it also suggests that they don’t have to lie, mostly because lol obviously the rules that apply to everyone world do not apply to him? Remember when he was smoking weed on The Joe Rogan Experiencethen we found out that a Tesla employee was fired for… smoking weed?

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