Best cheap Apple Watch deals of September 2022

Thinking of getting a new Apple Watch? The time is always right to find at least one model sold at a very favorable price. In fact, Apple recently launched its latest batch of smartwatches for 2022, including the $399 Series 8, the new $249 SE, and the first-ever $799 Ultra, aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and swimmers. There are now more Apple Watch models on the market than ever before, so you’re spoiled for choice.

But with all these options, which one to choose? If you can decide by spec, here’s a handy breakdown to make it easy to see what one model offers over another. But generally speaking, try to buy the newest watch you can afford so that it continues to receive software updates from Apple. The latest update, watchOS 9, recently rolled out to the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models, although no one can say for sure if the Series 4 will get the next big software update. And keep in mind that unlike some Apple products, the biggest Apple Watch discounts often happen on newer models, not last-gen ones.

Buying a last-gen (or recent-gen) watch ensures you’re getting an Apple Watch with an updated design, a robust amount of features, and plenty of sensors. And thankfully, now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is out of service (it was long overdue; its update process was unbearable), it’s harder to end up with a watch that will quickly feel outdated.

Now let’s get to some offers.

The best Apple Watch Series 7 deals

In 2021, the 7 series introduced a slightly modified design and a larger screen compared to previous models. Although it’s no longer the latest model in the line, you can still find it in select stores, sometimes at a discount. Currently, the deals are not as good for the Series 7 as they were before the Series 8 launched. Also, the Series 7 stock is running low.

Right now, you can pick up the 41mm GPS-equipped model in multiple color configurations at Walmart for $349, which is $80 more than the cost we’ve typically seen before the series launched. 8. If you prefer the 41mm with a dash of cellular compatibility added, it’s at least better value, selling at Walmart for as low as $379, depending on color ($120 off).

If you’re trying to get the larger 45mm variant with GPS, it’s on sale at Walmart in starlight for $329 or blue at Amazon for $369.99. Walmart is also selling the 45mm model with LTE for around $400 instead of $529 — its lowest price yet — in multiple colors.

The Apple Watch Series 7 in green.


The smaller Apple Watch Series 7 comes in a range of colors with GPS or GPS and LTE.

Apple Watch Series 7 in the starlight colourway.


The larger 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 comes in a number of styles with GPS or GPS and LTE.

The best Apple Watch Series 8 deals

For now, there are no discounts on the new 8 Series. This is the latest model with Apple’s most comprehensive set of features and sensors. It starts at $399 for the 41mm Wi-Fi/GPS model and climbs to $499 for the LTE version (45mm versions are $30 more). Multiple Series 8 configurations can be ordered through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other retailers.

It’s worth noting that Series 8 brings a new chipset (which my colleague Victoria Song says isn’t faster than the previous iteration), new temperature sensors that enable menstrual tracking, crash detection, etc While these upgrades might be exactly what you’re looking for, our review notes that this model isn’t all that different from the previous model. (And you still need to charge it daily.)

Woman looking at new color background on watchOS 9 face on Series 8.


Apple’s latest smartwatch features watchOS 9, along with collision detection and temperature sensors that enable menstrual cycle tracking – something you won’t find on any other model.

The best Apple Watch Ultra deals

Apple’s big, chunky, capable Watch Ultra launches at $799 with GPS and LTE support, and in case you weren’t aware, it has the most features, sensors, and ruggedness of all. Apple Watch models available today. Its 49mm body houses a screen that can get brighter than the Series 8, it has longer battery life and more accurate GPS tracking, and it’s loaded with sensors that essentially turn it into a guide to swimming and diving. You can buy one from Apple, Target, Amazon, etc.

We don’t expect to see deals on this model anytime soon, but you’ll definitely find some notable discounts here if and when they do arrive.

Side view of Apple Watch with Ocean band at swimming pool


The Watch Ultra is the toughest and most capable Apple Watch available. It has a thicker and taller construction than the 8 series, accurate GPS tracking, and sensors that can measure metrics for diving. It only comes in one size and configuration, and it supports both GPS and LTE.

A range of Apple Watch SE 2022 watches in a circle formation

Cosmetically, the 2022 SE is similar to the last-gen SE, but it has faster internals and collision detection.
Image: Apple

The best Apple Watch SE (2022) deals

The Apple Watch SE recently got a refresh for 2022. It has the same chipset as the Series 8, which is great, but with fewer sensors, no always-on display, and a slightly outdated design compared to the Series 7 and 8. These omissions might knock this out of the running for some people, but it may still be exactly what you’re looking for. Even better, it starts at $249 for the 40mm Wi-Fi/GPS model, which is $30 less than the base cost of the previous generation. Opting for cellular bumps the starting price up to $299 for the 40mm size (44mm adds $20 to each configuration). You can buy an Apple Watch SE (2022) from various retailers, including Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, and more.

We haven’t seen any deals on this model yet, unless you count that generation-to-generation price reduction I just mentioned. However, we will update this piece with any notable discounts we come across. If you’re okay with the last-gen model, Amazon is offering the 40mm GPS/Wi-FI SE for $199, a total of $80 off.


The new SE for 2022 borrows a few features from the 8-series, including the same chipset and collision detection, but it’s a subtle upgrade over the last-gen SE.

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A note on the more premium models

While all of the Apple Watch models and colors covered here are clad in aluminum (except for the Ultra, which has a titanium build), Apple offers a more premium range in stainless steel and titanium. These offerings are functionally and aesthetically similar to their aluminum counterparts, with slightly refined colors and finishes – polished for stainless steel and brushed for titanium. However, they start at much higher prices of $749 and up. They, too, can often be found on sale, but they’re never quite as low as the standard base models, so we’re not including them here.

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