Apple fixes iPhone 14 Pro camera shake

iPhone Pro models on a bed of bouncy balls.
What’s shaking? I hope those aren’t your cameras. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales/MovieBeat

Apple will release a software update to address an issue with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max where using the camera in third-party apps like Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok would result in a shaky image and grinding or grinding noises. hum coming from the camera bump. The company is “aware of the issue and a fix will be released next week,” according to a statement emailed to The edge by Apple spokesperson Alex Kirschner.

When reports of the bug started rolling in over the weekend, it wasn’t clear if the issue was with third-party apps themselves or with iOS 16, although the cameras worked just fine in iOS 16’s own app. ‘Apple. Since Apple is releasing an update, it seems the issue is with the iPhone and its APIs rather than third-party apps.

Apple’s statement doesn’t say exactly what’s causing the problem. There’s been speculation that it boils down to the phone’s optical image stabilization system, which isn’t a bad guess considering its job is literally to move parts of the camera around. According to Apple’s website, the standard iPhone 14, which doesn’t seem to have this issue, also has this system, but the Pro uses a “second generation” version that isn’t on the standard model.

This won’t be the first update that fixes a camera issue for the iPhone 14 line – iOS 16.0.1, released last week for Apple’s latest phones, fixed an issue where some photos were turning out squishy “when zoomed in landscape orientation on iPhone 14 ProMax.”

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