Amazon’s new Kindle has USB-C charging and an improved screen

Amazon has just announced a new model of its Kindle ebook reader, which brings some much-needed upgrades to the entry-level device. The new model has a 300ppi screen, longer battery life, and best of all, it now charges via USB-C. This means that many readers can finally throw away the last of their micro USB cables. It will be available on October 12 and will cost $99.99 with ads or $119.99 without.

Since its last update in 2019, the cheapest Kindle has stopped looking like a bargain. It had the worst screen in the Kindle lineup, forced you to charge through an older standard, and had a design that felt distinctly last-gen. The Kindle Paperwhite was the best default option for a long time: it had a better screen, better front lighting and a USB-C charger. At $139, it was a pretty steep upsell over the regular Kindle, but it was worth it. (There’s also the Oasis, if you’re both an avid reader and willing to shell out big bucks for a slightly better screen.) If you buy the new Kindle, you’ll also get four months of Kindle Unlimited for free. . And for an additional $20, you can get the Kindle Kids Edition, which comes with a special case and a one-year subscription to Amazon’s kid-friendly content.

The Kindle now looks much more like an attractive option if you want to save the $40

The new Kindle is $10 more than the last model and still doesn’t have as nice a light as the Paperwhite, but it now looks much more like an attractive option if you want to save the $40. The new Kindle also comes with new colors: you can now get it in black or a new soft blue color that Amazon calls “denim.”

Along with the loading and screen upgrades, it also has 16GB of storage, which is an incredibly large amount for books, but handy if you’re a big audiobook listener. Amazon says the new devices will also last up to six weeks and nebulously describes them as “the lightest and most compact Kindle models available”. According to its website, the new Kindle is about half an ounce lighter than the previous model and a bit smaller in all dimensions, while keeping the screen the same size.

The new Kindle looks like a nice, long-awaited update. But it’s still a Kindle. Amazon has long said its goal is to create e-readers that look like paper, with all the flexibility and versatility that entails. For now, it’s just about making better devices with better screens, but still Kindles through and through.

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