Amazon’s 2022 Fire HD 8 tablets get a little faster and a $10 price hike

Amazon is today announcing a quartet of new 8-inch Fire tablets led by the Fire HD 8, which the company claims is 30% faster than its 2020 predecessor. Its starting price is also $10 more expensive at 99, $99 this time around. Along with the Fire HD 8, the e-commerce giant is also announcing the new Fire HD 8 Plus, Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablets. They’re all available for pre-order today for $10 more than before and will ship next month.

Other than the speed boost, with the new Fire HD 8 being powered by an unspecified six-core processor rather than quad-core this time around, the new tablet’s specs are very similar to the 2020 model. (Amusingly, Amazon too said its 2020 model was 30% faster than his predecessor.) RAM still sits at 2GB, storage options include 32 and 64GB with the ability to expand that with a microSD card up to 1TB, and the tablet continues to charge via USB-C ( although battery life is now rated at 13 rather more than 12 hours).

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus in Amazon's Wireless Charging Dock.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus wireless charging from a docking station.
Image: Amazon

Upgrading to the $119.99 Fire HD 8 Plus model gets you an extra gigabyte of RAM for a total of 3GB and an “upgraded” 5-megapixel rear camera. It also offers better charging options with support for wireless charging or via an included 9W wired charger (the standard Fire HD 8 comes with a 5W charger). Storage options are the same, with a choice of 32GB or 64GB of onboard storage.

Finally, there are the children’s versions, the Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids Pro. Both start at $149.99, but are aimed at different age groups; 3-7 years old for regular Kids and 6-12 years old for Kids Pro. Both include a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids Plus, which offers ad-free access to games, videos, books and educational content, as well as a child-friendly case and a two-year warranty. The difference is that the Kids Pro tablet has access to a digital store where e-books and apps are available for purchase (although Amazon’s press release says the tablet’s parental controls mean kids will have to ask permission to make purchases).

The Fire HD 8 Kids model with four different childproof casing colors.

The Fire HD 8 Kids model with its various childproof cases.
Image: Amazon

In addition to the standard kids’ models, Amazon also has Disney Design Packs available with Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess themed cases available for $159.99. Cases for non-kids Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus are also available for $29.99.

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